Company Description

Founded by animation industry veterans, Isotropix™ is a start-up specialized in developing high-end professional graphics software and aims at providing CG artists game-changing innovations. 

Some History

While industry players solutions are dictated by marketing departments, the strong belief of Isotropix™ founders is to design their solutions "for CG artists, by CG artists". They believe they'll revolutionize the market by simplifying user-workflow with their disruptive innovative software that answers CG artist's growing frustration.

A team of passionate people

Relying on a passionate and multi-talented team composed of industry experts in animation, video games, films and television, Isotropix™ offers cutting edge solutions that greatly improve productivity of CG artists without sacrificing their creativity. Thanks to their revolutionary patent-pending technology, Isotropix™ is the world first CG software development company to provide, within a single software, the unique integration of most needed features to create easily rich and complex images.